Is my Baby Too Old for Newborn Photos? Indianapolis Indiana Newborn Photographer

No baby is ever too old for photos.

 No matter what age your baby is, I am very confident we can capture amazing pictures of your baby that you will cherish forever. Your baby may be too old for complicated naked poses like froggy or bum up but your baby is never too old for photos. In fact there are even benefits of older babies. Older baby’s can make eye contact (with parents during parent photos and the camera), they can smile intentionally, they are more likely to have adorable eye open shots, their personalities are starting to come out, you, mom and dad, probably feel more rested and confident and so on. 

Babies Older than 5 Weeks

For babies under 5 weeks I recommend keeping your baby awake to try for sleepy posed shots. Over 5 weeks I recommend selecting a time or trying to aim to have your baby get a great nap and meal right before you come over. For older newborn photo sessions I focus on the connections with the family, relaxed posing, and their sweet facial expressions. Older newborn sessions are also great for babies who just busted out of the nicu or have other health complications. 

My Baby has Colic

“MY  BABY HAS COLIC THOUGH! WHAT IF S/HE CRIES THE WHOLE TIME?!” I totally understand this fear. I have 4 young boys, 2 of whom had very severe colic, reflux and milk protein intolerance. I have so many tricks to keep your baby comfortable, I am very confident in wrapping wiggly Houdini escape artist babies and I am not scared of a crying baby. We can rock sway and wait until your baby is comfortable to get photos. I am not in the business of torturing babies, we will shush, rock, sway, feed and go at your babies pace. If we are unable to get sufficient photos I will offer a reshoot or swap for a family or six month milestone session free of charge.

8 Reasons to Hire a Newborn Photographer

As newborn photographers, we are commonly asked, “why should I hire a professional newborn photographer?” A professional newborn photographer is recommended for a variety of reasons. Here are the top ten reasons to hire a professional newborn photographer. Hiring a professional newborn photographer has numerous benefits, ranging from the experience to the quality of photographs you receive of your precious newborn baby.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | Newborn Safety

Your baby is the most important thing to you as parents of a new baby. You’ve put a lot of effort and money into ensuring the safety of your infant. From car seats to safe sleeping solutions, baby monitors to water thermometers, new parent classes and books, choosing a pediatrician, and all of the other infant safety things you’ve purchased or received as a present for your child, we’ve got you covered. You prioritize the wellbeing of your newborn in all aspects of your life. Safety should also be a primary consideration when hiring a professional newborn photographer for your newborn session.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | Experience and Education

Your newborn’s safety is a top priority for established professional newborn photographers. Professional newborn photographers plan their sessions around the safety of the baby. Composites are used to create many popular baby positions, such as the froggy pose. This means the photographer will combine various shots to make it appear as if your newborn infant is in a position on its own while, in fact, the baby was being held safely the entire time. Your newborn will be perfectly safe in the hands (and poses) of your expert newborn photographer throughout the session. Most newborn photographers also take precautions to ensure the safety of their clientele. From vaccines to seasonal issues like flu shots, it’s important to stay on top of things. Babies are our business as expert newborn photographers, and we take all necessary precautions to keep your precious infants safe while they are in our care. You are investing in the safety of your newborn picture session when you choose a professional newborn photographer.

You are also getting their experience and knowledge when you hire a professional newborn photographer. Professional newborn photographers not only have safety training, but they also have a lot of expertise with newborns and families. Some newborn sessions go off without a hitch, with the baby sleeping the entire time. Other sessions are far more action-packed. The baby refuses to sleep, cries more than usual, has a dirty diaper, refuses to cooperate with the planned poses, equipment fails, siblings have a wild day, or anything else can happen.

Experienced newborn photographers can improvise and adapt to any unforeseen situations that arise during a professional newborn photography session. They’ll have a backup plan, a backup plan, a backup plan, and so on. This ensures that you will get both high-quality and diversified photographs from your session. Last summer, for example, I had a session where the studio lost power. I easily transitioned the session from studio flash lighting to natural light for the remainder of the shoot. Mom was still concerned about the quality of the newborn session images, but I could see her physically relax as I showed her samples of my images on the back of my camera. She was overjoyed when she saw the final photographs from the session. When you choose a professional newborn photographer, you can rest assured that your session will move well because of their experience and expertise in the field.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | A Stress-Free Experience


When you hire a professional newborn photographer, you’re hiring someone who specializes in creating stunning photographs while keeping the entire family relaxed and stress-free. A professional newborn photographer will have a process in place for the order of photographs at the session, easy-to-transition objects and color sets, and plenty of tips and tricks to make the session as painless as possible for your family. Hiring a professional newborn photographer ensures that your photographs are consistently good, that family members are guided in posing, that accessories are available, and that you have wonderful heirloom and wall art options. From start to finish, a professional newborn photographer allows you to relax and enjoy the experience. You’re exhausted as a new parent. Invest in the services of a professional newborn photographer and let them to provide you with the most memorable experience possible at this pivotal time for your family. So many of my customers emphasize the importance of me taking on so many of their session-related tasks. When you hire a professional newborn photographer, you’re getting someone who will make your session as simple as possible for you.


Hire a Newborn Photographer | Attention to Detail

When you choose a professional newborn photographer, they focus on details from the moment you contact them. Your experienced newborn photographer will pay attention to all the tiny details, from organizing the session to performing it and producing your prints. Moms appreciate that I will ask if they have a preferred side to be photographed on, that I will fix stray hairs, change clothing to best fit the position, and that I will pay attention to minor things like how to lay bonnet ties or how to add dimension to photographs with layers and wraps. All of these minor adjustments can dramatically change the look and feel of a session.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | Editing


When it comes to newborn sessions, one thing that almost all babies have in common is that their skin needs to be edited. In those early days, babies come in a variety of colors. Some babies are extremely pale, and their veins are visible through their skin. Some babies have jaundice, which causes their skin and eyes to turn yellow. Others are dealing with infant acne, bruises from birth, and other issues that may affect their skin color. A skilled newborn photographer will balance out your baby’s skin tone, minimize imperfections, and give him or her a natural glow. It’s important to keep your baby’s skin tone natural, which is why expert newborn photographers spend time hand retouching your baby’s complexion in Photoshop. While there are a variety of photo editing applications available, no filter can tweak the colors as effectively as a professional newborn photographer with their comprehensive editing experience. When you choose a professional newborn photographer, you will receive photographs that are authentic to your family’s personality, with the exception of a few minor flaws that will be cleaned up.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | You’re Exhausted

My husband and I often joke that we don’t actually remember what our children looked like when they were babies. We were exhausted new parents with my daughter, and when my son was born, he was colicky, which only compounded to our exhaustion. There were days when I felt like I was in survival mode, keeping the focus on what the baby needs and trying desperately to eat and sleep when I could. I genuinely feel that when we have a newborn, our body and brain prioritize things, and remembering all of our babies’ lovely details in those first few weeks is remarkably low on that list. Hiring a professional newborn photographer for a few hours will provide you with physical record of your baby. Your baby will be preserved in pictures, albums, wall art, and more by your professional photographer. You’ll have great pictures to look back on for years to come, and you’ll be able to spark your memories about all of the wonderful new baby details. When you hire a professional newborn photographer, you’re getting an expert who will guide you through the session, take on a lot of the responsibilities, and listen to exactly what you want out of your newborn photography session.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | Give Yourself The Gift Of Memories

We live in a world where pictures and recordings taken with cell phones are daily things for us. The majority of these are selfies taken by the baby’s mother (and any siblings), their spouse, and the infant, as well as some baby and mom selfies. I encourage you in any form you can to document your family. I also want moms to be photographed with their children. A newborn session allows you to be photographed in more dimensions than a selfie. Allow a professional newborn photographer to capture the love of your growing family while also including you in the photographs. As mothers, we frequently put our families first, with parents just requesting updated photos of their children. I want you to keep in mind that these photographs will become family heirlooms for your children.

Included Cake Smash Themes

Simple & Sweet Cake Smash with Family Portraits• $750

  • Simple all White Window setup OR select from my existing backdrop collection: 
  • Family Pictures, Portraits, Cake Smash, Splash Bath included
  • Naked White Cake (or upgrade to a custom cake for $50)
  • 10 Full Resolution Edited Images of your choice Included
  • Softly Edited Gallery or Viewing Appointment available within 72 hours or 3 images are added to your package free of charge
  • Additional Images Available for Purchase
  • Download your Images From Online Gallery
  • Printing Rights
  • I recommend booking as soon as possible for when your baby will be between 10 and 12 months

What to expect at your Newborn Photo Session?

Booking, Styling Questionnaire, Newborn Prep Guide

I recommend that all my expecting clients book their newborn session when they have just reached the second trimester to ensure availability. First time moms should pick a date within 1.5 to 3 weeks after their due date. If you have a history of coming early, will be induced or have a c-section at 39 weeks schedule your session within 2 weeks from estimated birth. If your baby comes a week early or late we can always move your session! You are welcome to book online via the booking calendar or send me a message and I can help you pick the session that works best for you. 

After you have booked your session you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a styling form where you can pick your favorite colors, poses and prop preferences. Or you can opt for me to style your session and get a discount on your session fee. A few days before your session you will receive a baby guide on how to prepare your baby for their session.


Newborn posed studio indianapolis

What should I bring to my photo session? 

The only things you need to bring to your session is milk if your baby isn’t breastfed and a pacifier. I have everything else you will need from diapers, to wipes, burp clothes, custom vendor outfits, wraps, props, and bows. 

Big brother kissing newborn studio

What should my family wear?

Simple well fitted shirts in neutral colors (white, cream, black, gray, beige, light blue) or dresses with simple designs look best. Avoid busy patterns, bright colors, plaid, and overly loose clothing. There is no need to bring an outfit for your newborn, I will wrap them in a coordinating wrap and a simple well fitted outfit for posed shots. 

New mom holding newborn photo

Newborn Session Timeline

For family sessions I always start with family so that dad or grandma can take young kiddos out to eat or play after their portion of photos is over. I generally start with individual photos of dad and then mom so that your kids have a chance to adjust and relax into the studio environment. After family photos I will do sibling photos followed by posed shots with family. 

After the family portion I follow your baby’s lead and decide to do either wrapped or posed shots depending on how sleepy your baby is. 

newborn girl on pink blanket photo session

Proofing Gallery or Viewing Appointment Timeline

Within 3 days from your session you will receive a link to either book your photo viewing appointment or online proofing. You may choose whichever method you prefer. These images will be only partially edited. A certain number of images are included in your package and you are always welcome to purchase additional photos or wall prints and products (with extra digital images included). Once you have selected your favorite images by pressing the star favorite icon within your gallery or at your viewing appointment I will get to work on all of the final edits to your gallery including but not limited to smoothing skin, removing blemishes, redness, backdrop wrinkles, and adding black and white copies. You can see the costs for additional images below: 

Final Gallery Delivery

Once I have completed the final edits on your newborn photos I will upload them to an online gallery for you to download. These images are yours to print, save, copy and share. 

newborn on swing Holly Marie Photography

Fine Art Maternity Photos Indianapolis Indiana

Jana’s Maternity Photos

There is nothing like treating yourself when you are pregnant. You are growing and nurturing a whole new person to life,  you deserve to be pampered. There is no better way to pamper yourself than a fine art studio style maternity photo session. These sessions are intimate and relaxed focused on making you feel beautiful in your own skin. You are welcome to bring your own outfits or choose some of the ones provided in my client wardrobe. 
My studio is located in Carmel Indiana right outside of Indianapolis and is private and intimate for your photos. We will play music, get a fan blowing your hair and enjoy an hour of taking photos together. 


Jana is a pediatric neurologist at Riley Children’s hospitals. She has changed so many little children’s lives for the better! It was amazing getting to know her and capturing her pregnancy in the most elegant way. She had a very unique vision for her photos and it came to life in the most beautiful way! 


Best Newborn Photographer in Indianapolis Indiana

Are you looking for the best newborn photographer? There are a couple of things you should consider when picking your ideal newborn photographer!

Newborn Baby in bucket by window Holly Marie Photography

Newborn Safety & Training

While a lot of people shop around for photographers based on their budget alone, I would argue that making sure their newborn photographer is trained and experienced in newborn photography should be the first and most important criteria. Newborns are so delicate, fragile and new. They deserve the very best care and someone who has been trained in how to properly handle posing and spotting them throughout poses and props. 

Newborn Girl Swaddle Blue Photo Session Indianapolis

Newborn Photographers Style

Are you interested in posed studio newborn photography? With custom props, a huge selection of colors, tiebacks, wraps, bonnets, furs and setups? Then you are probably looking for a studio newborn photographer. Some people also opt for a lifestyle photographer to capture intimate images of their new baby in their home. Some new mama’s opt for hospital fresh 48 photos to capture their baby immediately after birth. Another element to consider is editing style? Do you like dark and moody? True tones? Light and airy?

Sister Snuggle newborn baby photo studio

Variety of Newborn Photo Packages

There are several approaches to newborn photography packages that a photographer may provide. They may be all inclusive and do minimal edits to each photo, they may specialize in only digitals and online convenience or they may choose to have a full service approach offering you a unique experience from start to finish and including your images in digital format as well as beautiful works of art for your home. You will also need to consider if you are interested in taking pictures of your newborn alone or if you want to be in a few photos yourself and your family. 

Newborn Photo Album by Window Holly Marie Photography

The Experience 

If you are still looking for a newborn photographer I would love to do your newborns photos. I am fully trained in newborn safety and regularly take courses to brush up on the current newborn photography trends. I focus on providing my clients with a unique experience and give them a lot of control in planning their own newborn photos with a styling guide to select colors and posing preferences. During your session I have everything prepared so that you only have to worry about getting yourself and your baby to my studio. I have easy parking and access and am located right off of 465 and 31 in Carmel Indiana. After your session you get to return to my studio to view all of your images, watermark free, on a huge tv screen to a musical slideshow. We will work together to narrow down and select the very best images for your home.

Holly Marie Photography Studio Barn

Holly Marie Photography Studio Barn

Indianapolis Indiana Baby Milestone Photos

Harper Newborn & Baby Photography Sessions!

I absolutely loved capturing all of Harper’s sweet photo sessions from her mama’s baby bump to her 12 day old newborn studio photo session to her 3 month baby smiles session. She is even coming in for her 6 month sitter session in exactly 1 week. One of the most rewarding parts of newborn photography is watching your littlest clients come back to your studio every few months and capture their first few years as they grow and change so quickly.
Harper’s mama aims to have every color I offer incorporated into her daughters photos throughout her first year. Her maternity photos sported pink and brown accessories. Her newborn photos had all of my coral and floral props and items from my Carmel Indiana Studio Client Closet and her 3 month photos starred yellow and teal!
For her 6 months photos we are planning on rainbow and red and I can’t wait to see how she has grown.

What to Expect during your Newborn Photo Session

The Process

While newborn photography seems like an art there’s actually a lot of thought that goes into things like the order of photos, the wraps, outfits and so on. The order below I have planned with your styling preferences taken into account to maximize variety while minimizing the time it takes to get your shots and keeping your baby comfortable and sleepy or happy and awake throughout your session. If you love knowing what’s going on and what to expect during your newborn session I hope you enjoy!

Indianapolis Indiana Best Newborn Photography Studio

Dads up first!

I always start with daddy’s newborn photos! I typically do 2-3 different wrapped poses with dad and then add in mom for a few couple shots.

Mom’s turn!

Next I focus on sweet shots of Mamma with her new babe. I often do between 2-3 -wrapped poses with mom before dad hops in again.

Family is up next!

I start with mom and dad so that older siblings have a chance to relax and acclimate to the studio environment. They watch their parents smile and snuggle the new baby, they see the strobe fire and become comfortable with the new situation. At this point I will have dad pickup the older sibling, or have the sibling stand close on a crate. If there are more than one older sibling I have mom and dad kneel so that the siblings can stand close and all be at the same level.


I absolutely love backlit window shots. It has become my most popular photo for new family’s. I start with a backlit family photo and then move on to mom dad and baby and then siblings and baby. The backlit shots are a timeless and intimate shots that focus’s on the connection between you family and your new baby.

Big brothers and sisters time to shine!

In my styling guide I have parents select their favorite sibling shot and always start with that one. My goal is to provide parents with 3 unique sibling setups. As a mom of 4 I know that shots of my boys together will always be my favorite so it is an aspect of newborn photos I focus heavily on. These setups include backlit on the poser, backlit holding baby, flokati fur, bucket shot, holding their new baby.

Posed family shots

In my styling guide you can select to have your baby in an outfit or naked for the posed family shots. If you’ve selected an outfit I always put the outfit on BEFORE I even start wrapping so they are ready to go. Babies often hate being changed so I like to make sure the posing process is as quick and seamless as possible. For posed shots I often do bum up, criss cross and head on hands as pictured below. And include a quick shot with their sibling too.

Newborn Poses

At this point there are two ways a session can go. If the baby is sleepy I will jump straight to sweet sleepy posed shots at my table. If they are awake I simple will swaddle them up and move these posed shots to the middle.

Wrapped photos!

After naked shots I swaddle baby up in multiple wraps to get them cozy and warm and also so that as I unwrap them they are ready to go in the next color for the next setup. I love to do as much variety as possible so I typically do a prop and flokati for my first wrap set.

Half Wrapped

The next portion of my newborn session is half wrapped photos. In my styling questionnaire you are free to select which of these styles you like the best. These shots include in a bowl, basket, head on hands in bucket, womb on fur and more!


There is nothing sweeter than baby toes! This sweet wrap focuses on their tiny bodies and sweet little toes.

Baby Tower

For the last two shots we move back to fabric backdrops and wrapped poses. Babies love wrapped poses so I often use them to sooth the babies, take feeding breaks or if baby is wide awake. Womb, hammock or tucked in One of my all time favorite newborn poses is womb! This sweet pose curls them up similar to how they fit in the womb and showcases just how little they are. I love finishing with these relaxed poses and sometimes baby will wake up and we can finish with….

Baby Mug Shots!

Babies make so many adorable little facial expressions. As they root around hunting for milk. Their eyes squint as they adjust to being out of the womb, surrounded by light. Their hands flail around as they search for their mouth. These innocent squirmy few minutes at the very end of the session are often the sweetest.

Baby Led Photo Session

 wI have lots of tips and tricks up my sleeves to help your baby smoothly and easily go into poses and props. I will do my best to ensure you get a great variety of setups even with a colicky baby. However at the end of the day if your baby is super unhappy with a pose I will move on because not every position is comfortable for every baby. I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek into my average newborn session workflow! I can’t wait to meet you and your little one!

Cake Smash Photographer Indianapolis Indiana

Will’s Cake Smash Photo Session

Will is one! Already at this ripe young age of 12 months Will is already so passionate about space! He is obsessed with the big bang theory and loves dancing to the theme song! His love for space though is only outweighed by his love for his balloons and his mommy and daddy. Throughout the whole cake smash photo session will would stop, turn around and get so excited about his balloon arch. Through the studio photo session he would crawl over and throw huge smiles at his daddy. He also enjoyed smashing the spoon on the ground to make drumming noises and smearing the cake on the floor. It was such a joy to have Will in my studio in Carmel Indiana.

Best Baby Milestone Photographer Indianapolis Indiana

Harrison’s Baby Milestone Photo Session

I can’t believe how big little Harrison has gotten! 6 months ago, almost to the day, I had the privilege of meeting him and his family for his newborn photo session in my studio in Carmel Indiana. He has 2 older sisters and one who passed away when she was only 17 days old. We did a sibling photo to honor her sweet memory and did several rainbow photos to honor her loss as well. The rainbow symbols hope after a storm, a promise of what’s to come.
Harrison has easily doubled or more in size since his newborn session. He was so squishy and focused on everything around him. He loved putting everything into his mouth as quickly as possible. We focused on a traditional setup for his photos focusing on cream, white and gray. At the very last minute I decided to do a little strawberry bath as well, and I love how much he enjoyed that part of his photo session.
I am so excited to do his birthday cake smash in just a few more months!