Newborn Photography Mentor : Holly Marie Photography

Online & In Person Newborn Photography Mentoring

Why Holly Marie Photography?


What areas of your photography have you seen improvement in since starting mentoring?


What did you enjoy most about the in person newborn mentoring session?

What did you enjoy most about online mentoring? 

Zoom Mentoring 


What is included?

A one hour in person zoom call to discuss any topic that you would like. Before your live video call I will send you a detailed questionnaire which I will store containing all of your information including the type of gear you use, your photography goals, where you shoot, and what topics you would like support in most. The topics of this call can include anything below or anything else you would like to discuss with me. 

  • Newborn Posing (Dog bed, table, prop, flokati, naked, parents, in home)

  • Newborn Lighting

  • Newborn Wrapping

  • Newborn Soothing

  • Camera basics

  • Lens

  • Lighting

  • Equipment

  • Props

  • Editing

  • Wrapped Workflow

  • Editing Workflow 

  • Maximizing images while reducing time

  • Parent Shots

  • Sibling Shots 

  • Specific poses you struggle with

  • Live critique of your image (Pose, lighting, edit) 

  • A tour of my studio and recommendations 

  • A tour of your studio and how to maximize your space

Cost $250

Send me a message and let’s get this set up! 

10 Minute Wrapping Zoom Call

Fly on The Wall

Are you a hands on learner? I am too. Fly on the Wall sessions are an amazing way to get a glimpse into the life of a newborn photographer to see if it is something you are interested in pursuing or to learn more about posing, lighting, angles, client management and so on. During these sessions you will join me in my studio for an existing client’s newborn photo session. You will act as my assistance and are welcome to ask questions during the session. Before the session we will spend about an hour discussing any questions you might have and practicing wrapping and posing with my baby doll Willow. 

Cost: $350 

Available Add Ons for 150 Each
1. Stay after the session and walk through my full soft proofing and post production process
2. Go out to dinner on me to talk about photography, business or marketing

Message me to get something on the calendar! Since these sessions are with real clients the timing and date is subject to change if the baby comes early or late. 

Online Courses

Check out my online Newborn Photography Courses on Etsy!