8 Reasons to Hire a Newborn Photographer

As newborn photographers, we are commonly asked, “why should I hire a professional newborn photographer?” A professional newborn photographer is recommended for a variety of reasons. Here are the top ten reasons to hire a professional newborn photographer. Hiring a professional newborn photographer has numerous benefits, ranging from the experience to the quality of photographs you receive of your precious newborn baby.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | Newborn Safety

Your baby is the most important thing to you as parents of a new baby. You’ve put a lot of effort and money into ensuring the safety of your infant. From car seats to safe sleeping solutions, baby monitors to water thermometers, new parent classes and books, choosing a pediatrician, and all of the other infant safety things you’ve purchased or received as a present for your child, we’ve got you covered. You prioritize the wellbeing of your newborn in all aspects of your life. Safety should also be a primary consideration when hiring a professional newborn photographer for your newborn session.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | Experience and Education

Your newborn’s safety is a top priority for established professional newborn photographers. Professional newborn photographers plan their sessions around the safety of the baby. Composites are used to create many popular baby positions, such as the froggy pose. This means the photographer will combine various shots to make it appear as if your newborn infant is in a position on its own while, in fact, the baby was being held safely the entire time. Your newborn will be perfectly safe in the hands (and poses) of your expert newborn photographer throughout the session. Most newborn photographers also take precautions to ensure the safety of their clientele. From vaccines to seasonal issues like flu shots, it’s important to stay on top of things. Babies are our business as expert newborn photographers, and we take all necessary precautions to keep your precious infants safe while they are in our care. You are investing in the safety of your newborn picture session when you choose a professional newborn photographer.

You are also getting their experience and knowledge when you hire a professional newborn photographer. Professional newborn photographers not only have safety training, but they also have a lot of expertise with newborns and families. Some newborn sessions go off without a hitch, with the baby sleeping the entire time. Other sessions are far more action-packed. The baby refuses to sleep, cries more than usual, has a dirty diaper, refuses to cooperate with the planned poses, equipment fails, siblings have a wild day, or anything else can happen.

Experienced newborn photographers can improvise and adapt to any unforeseen situations that arise during a professional newborn photography session. They’ll have a backup plan, a backup plan, a backup plan, and so on. This ensures that you will get both high-quality and diversified photographs from your session. Last summer, for example, I had a session where the studio lost power. I easily transitioned the session from studio flash lighting to natural light for the remainder of the shoot. Mom was still concerned about the quality of the newborn session images, but I could see her physically relax as I showed her samples of my images on the back of my camera. She was overjoyed when she saw the final photographs from the session. When you choose a professional newborn photographer, you can rest assured that your session will move well because of their experience and expertise in the field.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | A Stress-Free Experience


When you hire a professional newborn photographer, you’re hiring someone who specializes in creating stunning photographs while keeping the entire family relaxed and stress-free. A professional newborn photographer will have a process in place for the order of photographs at the session, easy-to-transition objects and color sets, and plenty of tips and tricks to make the session as painless as possible for your family. Hiring a professional newborn photographer ensures that your photographs are consistently good, that family members are guided in posing, that accessories are available, and that you have wonderful heirloom and wall art options. From start to finish, a professional newborn photographer allows you to relax and enjoy the experience. You’re exhausted as a new parent. Invest in the services of a professional newborn photographer and let them to provide you with the most memorable experience possible at this pivotal time for your family. So many of my customers emphasize the importance of me taking on so many of their session-related tasks. When you hire a professional newborn photographer, you’re getting someone who will make your session as simple as possible for you.


Hire a Newborn Photographer | Attention to Detail

When you choose a professional newborn photographer, they focus on details from the moment you contact them. Your experienced newborn photographer will pay attention to all the tiny details, from organizing the session to performing it and producing your prints. Moms appreciate that I will ask if they have a preferred side to be photographed on, that I will fix stray hairs, change clothing to best fit the position, and that I will pay attention to minor things like how to lay bonnet ties or how to add dimension to photographs with layers and wraps. All of these minor adjustments can dramatically change the look and feel of a session.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | Editing


When it comes to newborn sessions, one thing that almost all babies have in common is that their skin needs to be edited. In those early days, babies come in a variety of colors. Some babies are extremely pale, and their veins are visible through their skin. Some babies have jaundice, which causes their skin and eyes to turn yellow. Others are dealing with infant acne, bruises from birth, and other issues that may affect their skin color. A skilled newborn photographer will balance out your baby’s skin tone, minimize imperfections, and give him or her a natural glow. It’s important to keep your baby’s skin tone natural, which is why expert newborn photographers spend time hand retouching your baby’s complexion in Photoshop. While there are a variety of photo editing applications available, no filter can tweak the colors as effectively as a professional newborn photographer with their comprehensive editing experience. When you choose a professional newborn photographer, you will receive photographs that are authentic to your family’s personality, with the exception of a few minor flaws that will be cleaned up.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | You’re Exhausted

My husband and I often joke that we don’t actually remember what our children looked like when they were babies. We were exhausted new parents with my daughter, and when my son was born, he was colicky, which only compounded to our exhaustion. There were days when I felt like I was in survival mode, keeping the focus on what the baby needs and trying desperately to eat and sleep when I could. I genuinely feel that when we have a newborn, our body and brain prioritize things, and remembering all of our babies’ lovely details in those first few weeks is remarkably low on that list. Hiring a professional newborn photographer for a few hours will provide you with physical record of your baby. Your baby will be preserved in pictures, albums, wall art, and more by your professional photographer. You’ll have great pictures to look back on for years to come, and you’ll be able to spark your memories about all of the wonderful new baby details. When you hire a professional newborn photographer, you’re getting an expert who will guide you through the session, take on a lot of the responsibilities, and listen to exactly what you want out of your newborn photography session.

Hire a Newborn Photographer | Give Yourself The Gift Of Memories

We live in a world where pictures and recordings taken with cell phones are daily things for us. The majority of these are selfies taken by the baby’s mother (and any siblings), their spouse, and the infant, as well as some baby and mom selfies. I encourage you in any form you can to document your family. I also want moms to be photographed with their children. A newborn session allows you to be photographed in more dimensions than a selfie. Allow a professional newborn photographer to capture the love of your growing family while also including you in the photographs. As mothers, we frequently put our families first, with parents just requesting updated photos of their children. I want you to keep in mind that these photographs will become family heirlooms for your children.

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