Is my Baby Too Old for Newborn Photos? Indianapolis Indiana Newborn Photographer

No baby is ever too old for photos.

 No matter what age your baby is, I am very confident we can capture amazing pictures of your baby that you will cherish forever. Your baby may be too old for complicated naked poses like froggy or bum up but your baby is never too old for photos. In fact there are even benefits of older babies. Older baby’s can make eye contact (with parents during parent photos and the camera), they can smile intentionally, they are more likely to have adorable eye open shots, their personalities are starting to come out, you, mom and dad, probably feel more rested and confident and so on. 

Babies Older than 5 Weeks

For babies under 5 weeks I recommend keeping your baby awake to try for sleepy posed shots. Over 5 weeks I recommend selecting a time or trying to aim to have your baby get a great nap and meal right before you come over. For older newborn photo sessions I focus on the connections with the family, relaxed posing, and their sweet facial expressions. Older newborn sessions are also great for babies who just busted out of the nicu or have other health complications. 

My Baby has Colic

“MY  BABY HAS COLIC THOUGH! WHAT IF S/HE CRIES THE WHOLE TIME?!” I totally understand this fear. I have 4 young boys, 2 of whom had very severe colic, reflux and milk protein intolerance. I have so many tricks to keep your baby comfortable, I am very confident in wrapping wiggly Houdini escape artist babies and I am not scared of a crying baby. We can rock sway and wait until your baby is comfortable to get photos. I am not in the business of torturing babies, we will shush, rock, sway, feed and go at your babies pace. If we are unable to get sufficient photos I will offer a reshoot or swap for a family or six month milestone session free of charge.

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