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Babies change so drastically in their first year of life. They well over double in size, their personality bursts out and they learn so much! 

With the changes being so frequent it’s important to capture each milestone with a photo session so that you can have the memories captured from each stage. Traditionally these milestones happen at 3 months, 6 months and 9 months but I am happy to do them anytime in your babies first year! 

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Baby Smiles Photo Session (3 Months) 

By three or four months your sweet baby is likely going to be smiling, cooing and staring right into your soul with their gorgeous new eyes! These photo sessions are oh so sweet with their gummy baby smiles, round cheeks and inquisitive eyes. It’s best to book all your milestone sessions at once when your baby is 1-2 months old to get the most affordable package. 

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Sitter Photo Session (6-8 Months)

By Six to Eight months most babies are sitting up, giggling, and starting to make intentional and sweet sounds. They are half way to their first birthday and have changed so much and gained so many new skills since their newborn photos. 

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Mini Mover Photo Session (9 – 10 Months)

And they are off! Mini Mover photo sessions are a great way to capture the milestone of movement. They may be crawling, scooting or rolling around the room! 

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18 Months & Beyond

As a mom there is nothing sweeter than watching our little ones grow and change throughout every season of their lives. They get bigger and their understanding of the world grows and grows.