Blog – Carmel Indiana Newborn & Baby Photographer

Do you love looking at super sweet and squishy newborn baby’s? Do you love gummy smiles and gushing families? Then you have come to the right place!

As a newborn and young family photographer I love capturing every moment from the day you are ready to announce your pregnancy, to capturing your pregnancy glow and baby bump. From the day you get to bring your sweet baby home from the hospital to the day you enter my studio to capture every sweet sleeping curly pose and the silly awake faces. That moment where your baby is the smallest they’ll ever be nestled in your arms, and in the arms of their older brother or sister, to their 3 month gummy baby smiles, to that first month where they can sit up by themselves. I will enjoy watching them crawl away from the backdrop at their 9 month mover session and cherish every second of their cake smashing 1 year photos. From their first year and beyond to birthday milestone’s and yearly seasonal family photos I can’t wait to watch your family grow!