Carmel Indiana Newborn Photo Session – Harper’s Newborn Photos

Sweet Harper’s Newborn Photo Session was just a dream! Her mama picked cream and bright flowers for her Newborn Photos and Harper could not have been more precious! Her older siblings were so excited to join in her newborn photos. They cuddled her, held her gently, and brought her a pacifier every time she made a peep. They kissed her head while snuggling in front of the window too.
We took a short break during our session for Harper to nurse and Hallie, her older sister, got to have her own mini photo shoot!
I was particularly excited for this session for a lot of different reasons and one of those is that I got to try a new pose with mom. This sweet pose picture below has mama snuggling her newborn baby up close to her cheek while her newborn sleeps. It is just the sweetest shot. We did a variation where dad jumped in too. 

Prior to my newborn photography sessions in my Carmel Indiana Studio barn I always have all of my setups lined up so we can move seamlessly from one to the next. After parent poses this sweet baby girl got to sleep with some wild sunflowers. She was thoroughly unimpressed so we moved on quickly after getting the shot. 

From there I rewrapped Harper for coral flower shots and snuggly coral fur shot. All in all Harper was an amazing sweet little model who gave me all the baby fever! I can’t wait to see her for her three month, six month and nine month milestone photo sessions.

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