Carmel Indiana Newborn Photographer

Victoria’s Newborn Photo Session

Sweet Miss Victoria, 21 days new and all wide eyes! This sweet newborn was welcomed with open arms by her sister Camille. She loved her newborn sister and would do absolutely anything for mini marshmallows during her newborn photo session.
Most newborn photographers spend the entire session trying to keep their newborns asleep so that they can carefully pose them in curly sleepy poses. Don’t get me wrong, my whole Carmel Indiana studio barn is setup to be the perfect snoozing environment for your little one but I have started fully embracing every second of awake time too! There’s nothing sweeter than those little eyes staring right at you as they try learn more about the world around them.

I absolutely love getting to include big siblings into all of my newborn sessions. As a mom nothing is sweeter than watching your babies love on your new baby.