Carmel Indiana Baby Milestone Photographer – AJ’s 6 Month Milestone Photo Session

Adam Jeffrey, AJ is named after his daddy! He was born March 20th the very first weekend after schools let out for spring break and never went back into session due to the pandemic. Like many other moms, AJ’s mama was forced to miss out on newborn photos. I wasn’t able to get any newborn photos of my oldest son, and I regret it so often!

Not wanting to miss out on all his baby moments, Tiffany reached out to schedule a six month milestone session! Next to newborns, 6 month sitter photo sessions are my absolute favorite AND she picked my favorite color palette, blue and cream!! AJ was a natural, with eyes and huge smiles for his me, his mama and his squeaky giraffe Sophie!

He is so eager to catch up to his big sister! He is already sitting up and pushing up to crawl at only barely 6 months! He rolls super fast and was grabbing and eating everything! Six month photos are so unique because your babies adorable personality is starting to come through. AJ really loved touching and feeling the props, trying to eat everything he could get his hands on!